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Champion Reverse Weave Red Hoodie Pullover Jersey

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Champion Reverse Weave Red Hoodie Pullover Jersey

Champion Reverse Weave Red Hoodie Pullover Jersey

Also available in Grey , Dark Grey , Light Grey, Navy , Black , Gold , Green , Purple , Pink

Available in sizes:  XS, S , M , L , XL , 2XL , 3XL. Contact us if your size is currently out of stock as we may have coming


Since its birth in 1934, it continues to be loved widely as apioneer of the sweatshirt, as a timeless classic Champion. The meaning of Reverse Weave comes from the the object to alleviate the sweatshrinks in the vertical direction, so Champion moves the fabric in the transverse direction. The idea of the Reverse Weave came from the American coaches of the 40s in order to be able to wash the uniforms of their athletes all together without the risk of damaging them. That’s why to avoid horizontal shrinkage, the fiber fleece is turned upright at the time of creation, hence the name Reverse Weave. To avoid shrinkage instead in the opposite direction all Reverse Weave sweatshirts, are characterized by the two side panels on the sides. Even cuffs, neck and bottom of the sweatshirts Reverse Weave have the same characteristic of the inserts in order to avoid the dispersion of heat during and after training, keeping the freedom of movement.